NBBTP/IRTA Fellowship Master’s Degree Candidate Application

Master’s degree candidates should follow the steps below to apply for the NBBTP/IRTA Fellowship:

Application Manager

  • Go to the NIH Postbaccalaureate IRTA Program Application Center and follow the instructions provided. You will be required to create a new account if you have not already created one.
  • There are some instructions that are specific to the NBBTP/IRTA and differ slightly from the instructions provided in the application form. NBBTP/IRTA-specific instructions are listed below according to their corresponding section/item numbers in the Application Manager. Note: The Program Eligibility Criteria listed here supersede the Eligibility Criteria listed in the application pages.

NBBTP/IRTA-specific instructions

Section Item Item Instructions
Application Tips 6 N/A The NBBTP/IRTA has an application deadline of COB 3/10/2023 for the Program Start Date of 8/1/2023.
Eligibility Criteria 2 Academic Information “Education Plans” is not required.
Eligibility Criteria 3 Coursework and Grades Cumulative undergraduate coursework is not necessary. Coursework for the current degree sought is sufficient. Receipt of an official transcript with confirmation of degree conferral date prior to the Program Start Date is required.
Eligibility Criteria 5 References Three references are required. At least one academic and one professional reference are required. Personal references are not accepted. The system will generate the reference requests automatically, so make sure the email addresses are accurate. Alert your references to expect an email request to ensure prompt receipt of their response.
Eligibility Criteria 6 Research Interests Keywords Please include as the first keyword: NBBTP. Also include words like “biosafety” and “biosecurity.”
Eligibility Criteria 7 Cover Letter Please replace the cover letter instructions with the following: Please provide an essay as follows: Biosafety professionals are key players in fostering a culture of safety and strong research compliance and integrity within the scientific community. Sometimes this role can be challenging as some do not always view the safety professional as a partner. Safety professionals typically have a reason for what draws them to safety as a profession. Please describe in no more than 500 words what draws you to the biosafety field, how you think a successful partnership with stakeholders is cultivated, and what that success looks like in practice. (Limit to 500 words/3,075 characters)
Eligibility Criteria 8 Training Locations Select Bethesda, MD (main NIH campus) only.


Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email. Forward that confirmation email to NBBTP@nih.gov immediately so that your application can be secured and begin processing. Include in your reference “NBBTP/IRTA Application.”

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