PathogenAR Module – Papillomavirus—The HPV Minichromosome

The Papillomavirus: The HPV Minichromosome module is part of the Pathogens in Augmented Reality (PathogenAR) mobile app.

Papillomaviruses replicate in cells of the skin, mouth and anogenital region of the human host.  HPV infection can be asymptomatic, cause warts, or disrupt cell growth. On rare occasions, the cell growth becomes uncontrolled, causing cancer. About 5% of cancers worldwide are caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV).   

The papillomavirus genome is circle of DNA and, similar to human host DNA, it is complexed with a class of cell proteins called "histones". This module will review how papillomaviruses use histones to pack their DNA inside the capsid and how modifications of these histones might promote infection with HPV.

Below is a list of resources to support this module.

Models in NIH 3D Print Exchange

NIAID Resources

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