What's It Like to Participate in an NIAID Clinical Research Study?

View photo story of a typical visit to NIH on a patient’s first day. The NIAID PACT team accompanies a patient through every step of the way.

Antimicrobial Resistance



Around the same time as her HIV diagnosis, Valerie was introduced to the idea of clinical trials by her doctor and a PACT team member. Skeptical at first, she says the staff’s openness about clinical trials helped her see the bigger picture—what she could possibly gain and what she could also contribute by participating in a clinical trial. “I’ve never had a bad experience at NIH,” she says. “The people are very nice, very professional.”


Jon would tell anyone who is thinking of joining a clinical trial at NIH: “Go for it…you want to learn more, especially in the case of HIV, and you want to find out how you can get past it [HIV].”

Michelle and Michael

For Michelle and Michael, working with engaged staff and getting a thorough explanation of the studies were keys to participating in clinical trials.


After four years of treatment in a clinical trial for HIV, Mark will tell you this about NIAID: “that place is a blessing.” His experience illustrates how the network of support through NIH and the PACT team has helped him confront the unique challenges that people living with HIV face.


I was scared and not quite sure how to handle the devastating news of my HIV status. A PACT liaison became my intermediary at NIH. She walked me through my assessments, evaluations, and treatment planning. She is truly dedicated to ensuring that people living with HIV make the most of the available programs.

Video: Participating in an NIAID HIV Clinical Trial

Watch the video "Participating in an NIAID HIV Clinical Trial" at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Vea el video "Participando en un Ensayo Clínico del VIH del NIAID" en el Centro Clínico de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud (NIH por sus siglas en inglés) en Bethesda, Maryland.


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