Refining the HIV Research Enterprise

New opportunities for innovation and discovery in HIV research are within our grasp. By 2020, the National Institutes of Health will refine its science-driven HIV research enterprise to deliver the innovative, efficient results needed to turn the corner on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Every 7 years, NIH competitively renews its funding of the HIV clinical research networks operating in the United States and internationally. NIH is taking a proactive approach to refining the research enterprise and driving HIV discovery. By establishing a forward-looking agenda to guide this process, NIH will determine the focus and priorities of its HIV clinical trial networks through 2027.   Learn more with resources available on this site.

Information on HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Network Protocol Funding Pilot Tests

Messages from NIAID

Learn more about the effort to refine NIH's HIV clinical trial networks via messages from NIAID's Dr. Carl Dieffenbach and others.

Turning the Corner on the AIDS Pandemic: Focusing the Science-Driven HIV Research Enterprise

Video: Archived Presentation: Refining the Clinical Trials Units for NIAID Networks

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Content last reviewed on March 1, 2018