Comparative Medicine Branch

William R. Elkins, D.V.M.; Diplomate, ACLAM; Chief

Use of animals in biomedical research is necessary to expand our ability to curtail infectious diseases, characterize new diseases, combat bioterrorism, and discover new ways to augment or harness the body's immune system. The mission of the Comparative Medicine Branch is to provide the animals in their care with a comfortable, stable environment that eliminates research variables, to serve as a resource for Division of Intramural Research investigators, and to support research activities. 

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The Comparative Medicine Branch includes the following principal investigators, staff scientists, and/or staff clinicians:

About the Comparative Medicine Branch

NIAID is committed to the use of animals only when alternative methods are unavailable. The Institute fully complies with federal rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to the care and use of animals in medical research.

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