Richard Herbert, D.V.M.

Associate Animal Program Director
Chief, Experimental Primate Virology Section

Major Areas of Research

  • Surgical and medical management of nonhuman primates on infectious disease and aging studies
  • Pathological evaluation of animal models


Dr. Richard Herbert is the research veterinarian for the NIAID nonhuman primates held at the National Institutes of Health Animal Center (NIHAC) in Poolesville, Maryland. Dr. Herbert is a graduate of Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (1993). He worked as a clinical practitioner and owner of a large animal practice in Maryland for eight years. His career in laboratory animal medicine started in 2001, working as a contract clinical veterinarian. In 2003, Dr. Herbert obtained a government position working with the Division of Veterinary Resources as a clinical veterinarian at the NIHAC and then advanced from this position to become facility veterinarian and section chief in 2007. In 2009, he joined NIAID to provide veterinary support to research animals including nonhuman primates, cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses. His research interests include surgical and medical management of nonhuman primates on infectious disease and aging studies.

Services Offered

  • Endoscoping biopsies (e.g., gastric, jejunal)
  • Surgical procedures (e.g., exploratory, lymph node biopsies, VAP placement)
  • Necropsy (complete tissue collection and gross evaluations)
  • Study design and model selection

Selected Publications

Purcell RH, Emgle RE, Govindarajan S, Herbert R, St Claire M, Elkins WR, Cook A, Shaver C, Beauregard M. Pathobiology of hepatitis E: lessons learned from primate modelsEmerg Microbes Infect. 2013(2):e9.

Mattison JA, Roth GS, Beasley TM, Tilmont EM, Handy AM, Herbert RL, Longo DL, Allison DB, Young JE, Bryant M, Barnard D, Ward WF, Qi W, Ingram DK, de Cabo R. Impact of caloric restriction on health and survival in rhesus monkeys from the NIA studyNature. 2012 Sep 13;489(7415):318-21.

Vinton C, Klatt NR, Harris LD, Briant JA, Sanders-Beer BE, Herbert R, Woodward R, Silvestri G, Pandrea I, Apetrei C, Hirsch VM, Brenchley JM. CD4-like immunological function by CD4- T cells in multiple natural hosts of simian immunodeficiency virus.J Virol. 2011 Sep;85(17):8702-8.

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