SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Response

Project Title: Analysis of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibody responses

NIAID Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Cohen M.D.
Chief, Laboratory of Infectious Diseases 
Chief, Medical Virology Section, LID

What is the antibody profile during COVID-19 infection?

One of the key responses of the adaptive immune system to infection is the production of pathogen-specific antibodies by B cells. The Medical Virology Section, working with Dr. Peter Burbelo (NIDCR), is interested in performing serologic studies to better understand the epidemiology of COVID-19 in specific cohorts. The labs will look for autoantibodies against cellular proteins, such as those that have been reported in people with severe lung disease, which may help to uncover prognostic markers and provide insight into the efficacy of different experimental COVID-19 treatments. In addition to looking at COVID-19 spike and nucleocapsid binding antibodies, the lab is looking at spike antibodies that mediate ADCC and ADCP activity. 

Participating Groups


Sample Requirements

Serum or plasma (100 µL) is required. Longitudinal sampling in patients is highly desired, as well as specific patient cohorts to answer important epidemiologic questions.

Additional Information

The Medical Virology Section has a number of small aliquots of plasma samples from people known to be positive for COVID-19.

Contact Information for Collaboration

If you are involved in the care of COVID-19 patients and are interested in collaborating on this project, please contact Jeffrey Cohen, M.D.

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