Financial Management Plan

Financial Management Plan

Here NIAID sets funding levels for grants, renewal cap, and selective pay and bridge pools every fiscal year.

Updated October 2, 2017. NIH does not yet have an appropriation for FY 2018. We are operating under a continuing resolution (CR) through December 8, 2017 as announced in an October 2, 2017 Guide notice.

The legislative mandates announced in a June 9, 2017 Guide notice remain in effect.

The Salary Cap and Stipends continue at posted levels.

We will post new financial management plan information as it comes in. This section typically covers:

  • Funding levels for grants
  • Renewal caps
  • Selective pay and bridge pools

See NIAID Budget Data Comparisons.

NIH posts financial plan information at NIH Extramural Financial Operations

For news on our budget, watch this page or NIAID Funding News. Learn what information to expect and when at Paylines and Budget Pages Change Throughout the Year

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Content last reviewed on October 2, 2017