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NIAID Budget Data Comparisons

NIAID Budget Data Comparisons

Dollars in thousands

IC FY 2016
FY 2017
NIAID  $4,749,897 $4,905,718 3.3%
NCI * $5,206,292 $5,659,955 8.7%
NHLBI $3,109,221 $3,209,929 3.2%
NHGRI $512,509 $528,346 3.1%
NCATS $684,468 $704,330 2.9%
NIGMS $2,508,960 $2,646,152 5.5%
NIA** $1,596,031 $2,048,814 28.4%
Other ICs $12,244,318 $12,668,725 3.5%
Subtotal  $30,611,696 $32,371,969 5.8%
OD *** $1,570,790 $1,728,603 10.0%
Buildings and Facilities $128,863 $128,567 -0.2%
Total  $32,311,349 $34,229,139 5.9%

* Increase of $300M for National Cancer Moonshot Initiative.
** Increase to support Alzheimer’s disease research.
*** Increase of $60M for Precision Medicine Initiative and $52M to support initiatives outlined in the Cures Act.

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Content last reviewed on June 9, 2017