Bioinformatics and Computational Biosciences Branch Services

The Bioinformatics and Computational Biosciences Branch (BCBB) offers a suite of scientific services and resources for the NIAID research community and its collaborators. BCBB provides expertise and computational solutions to researchers at all levels of experience. Computational biologists collaborate on projects using a wide variety of techniques and approaches, and offer consultation and training on software to answer related research questions.

Main Areas of Focus

  • Computational biology collaboration and training
  • Bioinformatics software development
  • Biocomputing resources

Support Services

  • Molecular modeling, simulation, and analysis
    • Model building
    • Drug design
    • Molecular interfaces
    • Visualization
  • Phylogenetics and evolutionary analysis
    • Alignments
    • Trees
    • Selection analysis
  • Next-generation sequencing and microarray genomic analysis
    • Assembly and mapping of high-throughput sequencing data
    • RNA-Seq, CHiP-Seq, variant analysis, and metagenomics
    • Genome browsers and annotations
    • Differential expression, CHiP-Chip, and re-sequencing arrays
  • Sequence design and analysis
    • Primer design
    • Function prediction
    • Molecular cloning
    • Data mining
  • Biostatistics and experimental design
    • Curve fitting and regression
    • Tests and ANOVA
    • PCA and factor analysis
    • Design of experiments
  • Custom scientific software
    • Web-based and stand-alone apps
    • Plug-in development
  • Database and web portal development
    • Electronic notebooks and collaborative work
    • Shared lab resources and calendars
    • Custom databases and queries with Web access
  • Automation and acceleration of routine analyses
    • Pipelines and workflows
    • High-performance computing

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Data collection
  • Non-clinical research partnering
  • Data analysis

Who Can Use This Resource

  • These services are open to all researchers, though a charter must be completed for all collaborations.

How To Get Started

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