NIH Center for Human Immunology, Inflammation, and Autoimmunity (CHI)

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The NIH Center for Human Immunology, Inflammation, and Autoimmunity (CHI) is a trans-NIH resource whose mission is to provide a collaborative hub of advanced translational immunology for NIH clinical and pre-clinical studies.  This uniquely structured program provides centralized and efficient management of projects in full collaboration with NIH investigators to better understand human immune function and pathophysiology. Our team works closely to plan and optimize experimental workflows tailored to each investigator’s specific research goals; execute highly sophisticated technological procedures on precious human samples; troubleshoot and optimize assays to generate high-quality data; seamlessly transfer data to our in house informaticians who perform multimodal computational analyses; and provide expert scientific consultation, interpretations, and recommendations throughout the project lifecycle – all in one place.

Toward achieving our mission, we maintain the following goals:

  • To be the leading resource for intramural investigators across the NIH to support their most challenging immunological research needs.
  • To remain at the forefront of molecular and cellular immunological technologies and computational modeling.
  • To provide seamless integration of multiplex datasets into a single computational analysis pipeline that enables holistic biological interpretations.



CHI provides collaborative support from study design and data generation through computational analysis and biological interpretation towards the goal of understanding immune phenotypes at a systems level. This will be accomplished in full collaboration with the NIH intramural community, and we welcome proposals for selection on a competitive basis for funding considerations via CHI or institutional budget. Collaborations can address cohorts with clinically significant effects or serve as stakeholders for technology development that would benefit the broader NIH community.

The CHI aims to apply our technologies in the context of collaborative studies with an intramural PI, for which we welcome proposals from any NIH institute on any topic involving human samples.  Proposals for collaborations are solicited and selected competitively from a call for proposals. Read more about collaborating with CHI.

Proposal Submissions

The CHI’s most recent call for proposals closed Nov 30th, 2023. Read more about the proposal submission process.

Contact Information

Rachel Tracy, Executive Assistant


10 Center Drive, Room 7N116
Bethesda, MD 20892

NIAID Research Technologies Branch (RTB)

The CHI has partnered with the NIAID RTB to enhance the scientific platforms that are available to NIH investigators. Through this partnership the NIAID RTB provides guidance to the CHI on many facets of technology development and assists the CHI in tailoring its technologies to meet the needs of the NIH community.   

Learn more about NIAID Research Technologies Branch
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