Research Animals Involvement Codes

NIH uses this list of codes to indicate the extent of research animal involvement within a grant application. They appear on the summary statements grantees receive, and also on the grants management and program officer worksheets in IMPAC.

  • 10 = No live vertebrate animals involved
  • 20 = Vertebrate animals involved, administrative review required
  • 30 = Vertebrate animals involved, no SRG concerns noted
  • 35 = For institutional training grant trainees working on mentored projects that involve vertebrate animals, Animal Welfare Assurance required just-in-time.
  • 44 = Vertebrate animals involved, SRG concerns noted
  • 46=  Vertebrate animals involved, euthanasia method not consistent with AVMA guidelines
  • 48 = Conditional award with terms and conditions
  • 54 = Concerns resolved, conditions removed

If you are an applicant and you see a code on your summary statement, read Know What a Summary Statement Means and see the Bars to Grant Awards—Research Animals SOP.

For more information, see the Animals in Research portal.​

Content last reviewed on July 11, 2017