Postdoctoral Research Training

 Photo of Carrie Long working in the laboratory

Carrie Long, former postdoc in the Coxiella Pathogenesis Section of the Laboratory of Bacteriology at NIAID’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML)

Credit: NIAID

Postdoctoral fellows (postdocs) at NIAID engage in advanced research at the forefront of immunologic, allergic, and infectious diseases while gaining access to outstanding career and professional support. Postdocs conduct research in NIAID laboratories located in Maryland and Montana (Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton), providing a unique scientific research training environment in basic, translational, and clinical research. Upon completion, scientists progress to independent positions in academia, industry, government, and private organizations.

Read more about the Division of Intramural Research and the Vaccine Research Center. Find more information about postdoctoral training opportunities from the NIH Office of Training and Education (OITE).

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NIAID Postdoc Application System

Submit your application materials and NIAID principal investigators (PIs) can find you! The NIAID Postdoc Application System allows interested candidates to submit application materials for NIAID PIs to search and view - PIs can then contact potential candidates for their lab.

Submit an Application

Who Can Apply

Applicants must have

  • A doctoral degree (Ph.D., M.D., D.D.S., or equivalent graduate degree)
  • Completed most recent doctoral degree within the past five years
  • Less than five years of relevant research experience since award of most recent doctoral degree

Note: Available appointments may differ based on citizenship and postdoctoral experience. Refer to OITE for more information.

Background Check

Please note any fellowship offer is contingent on your ability to successfully pass a federal background check, which is required for logical and physical access to NIH facilities and systems. As part of the clearance process, you will be asked “In the last year, have you used, possessed, supplied, or manufactured illegal drugs?”  This question pertains to the use of controlled substances or drugs as defined under federal law. Please be aware that while marijuana may be legal or decriminalized within your home jurisdiction it remains illegal under U.S. federal law. The use, possession, supply, or manufacture of marijuana may preclude you from obtaining the necessary clearances to participate in NIH intramural training programs, even if you were initially offered a position. If you have questions about this policy or would like guidance on the clearance process, please reach out to (please put “Eligibility Inquiry” in the subject line). 

How To Apply

Postdoctoral trainees are appointed through the NIH Intramural Training Award (IRTA) or Visiting Fellow (VF) Program.

There are three ways to apply for postdoctoral positions at NIAID:

Prospective postdocs are encouraged to contact investigators directly, regardless of whether a position has been listed. You can explore NIAID research and learn about different labs in the Division of Intramural Research and the Vaccine Research Center. Refer to OITE for more information about finding a mentor at the NIH.

For specific questions, contact the Office of Research Training & Development directly.

Funding Opportunities

The majority of postdocs at NIAID are supported by the IRTA and VF fellowships. Current postdocs at NIAID and elsewhere may also be eligible to apply for other postdoctoral fellowships at NIH or training and career development grants.

See more information about these funding opportunities:

Featured Postdoctoral Training Programs

The Rocky Mountain Laboratories-Bethesda Postdoctoral Fellowship (RML-Bethesda) Program
A collaborative partnership program between NIAID laboratories located in Montana (Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton) and Maryland. 

NIAID Emerging Leaders in Data Sciences Fellowship Program
This fellowship program addresses a critical need at NIAID for expertise in data science and ability to apply those skills to the NIAID mission. 

NIAID Technology Transfer Fellowship Program
NIAID offers a technology transfer fellowship program to provide opportunities to qualified candidates in the exciting and expanding career field known as technology transfer. The program enables individuals to complement their science, business, and/or legal background with experience in technology transfer.

National Biosafety and Biocontainment Training Program Intramural Research Training Award (NBBTP/IRTA)
The NBBTP/IRTA fellowship prepares biosafety and biocontainment professionals of the highest caliber to meet the needs of the biomedical emerging disease and civilian biodefense research communities through the 21st century.

NIH Comparative Biomedical Scientist Training Program (CBSTP) - Combined Pathology & Research Training
A comparative molecular pathology training program for doctors of veterinary medicine, incorporating veterinary medicine and pathology with training in human biomedical research.

NIGMS - Postdoctoral Research Associate Training (PRAT) Program
A competitive three-year postdoctoral fellowship program that provides high quality research training in the basic biomedical sciences in NIH intramural research laboratories.

Fogarty International Center - African Postdoctoral Training Initiative (APTI)
A partnership between NIH, the African Academy of Sciences, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under the auspices of the Coalition of African Research & Innovation.

NIAID MENAT Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program (MVF)
The MVF program, a component of the NIAID-MENAT Initiative, is focused on strengthening scientific collaboration between U.S. and MENAT scientists in the areas of infectious diseases, allergy, asthma, basic and clinical immunology, autoimmunity, immunologic diseases of genetic origin, and antimicrobial resistance research.

Contact Information

For specific questions, contact the Office of Research Training & Development.

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