Questions and Answers for PAR-20-072, NIAID Investigator-Initiated Program Project Applications (P01, Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

NIH published this funding opportunity announcement (FOA) in a December 9, 2019 Guide announcement.

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Questions and Answers

Where can I find additional guidance to help me prepare my application?

See the P01 Program Project Grants guide developed by the NIAID Scientific Review Program.

How and where do I indicate my reviewer preferences?

Use the PHS Assignment Request Form to include information regarding individuals who should not review your application. You may also include scientific areas needed to review your application without including the names of recommended reviewers.  

Can I simultaneously submit one of the projects from the P01 as an R01 application?

Yes, see NIAID’s Option to Submit Simultaneously as an R01 Application guidance. If both the P01 and the R01 are fundable, then only the P01 will be funded. You will not have the option to withdraw the project from the multiproject grant.

Can a multiple PI (MPI) application have a foreign MPI if the contact PI is U.S.-based?

No, foreign PIs cannot be included in unsolicited P01 applications. Non-U.S.-based scientists can serve as Project or Core Leaders, but not as PD/PI or MPI.

The instructions state that a data resource sharing plan is only necessary for budgets over $500,000. None of the individual projects or cores have budgets over $500,000. Only our overall budget is over $500,000, so is this the only section that requires a data resource sharing plan?

Yes, this is correct. Additionally, as noted in the FOA, all applications, regardless of the amount of direct costs requested for any one year, should address a Data Sharing Plan in the Overall section of the application.

Which study section will review my P01 application?

Your application will not be reviewed by the Center for Scientific Review, but by a special emphasis panel (SEP) convened by the NIAID Scientific Review Program.

If I submit my application on the application due date, do I still have a two-day viewing window in which to make corrections?

No, the two-day window only applies to applications submitted before the due date. After 5:00 p.m. local time on the application due date, edits cannot be accepted.

Can I submit my application late?

See NIH’s policy for Late Applications. The continuous submission policy does not apply to investigator-initiated P01 applications.

Whom do I contact for more information on this FOA?

Direct your questions to the scientific/research contacts shown in Section VII: Agency Contacts of the FOA.

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