Timeline To Submit Your Application

Your institutional official should submit your application well before NIH’s due date. The application must pass electronic validations.

The overall timeline graphic has a darkened section to indicate the submission stage, which occurs after your institution’s internal due date and before NIH’s due date. The text below the image summarizes typical steps and timeframes.

The darkened section of the graphic marks this phase of the process. Find other phases at Illustrated Application and Grant Timelines.

Typical Steps and Timeframes

Be submission savvy. Ensure you understand the full process to Submit an Application

Meet your institution’s internal deadline. This may be weeks or even months before your NIH due date. Allow your institutional officials enough time to process, sign, and electronically submit.

Timestamp and electronic validations. When your institutional official submits your application, it must get a Grants.gov timestamp and pass automatic checks at Grants.gov and eRA Commons. The latter checks could take up to 48 hours. Learn more at Pass Electronic Validations.  

Check application status. You may Track Your Application Using eRA Commons. After passing validations, you have up to two business days to View Your Application Image before the NIH due date and time.

Consider corrections. If you must make corrections to pass validations or if you spot issues you’d like to correct, work out timing and next steps with your institutional official. Learn about Correcting Content Problems After Commons Validation and If You Want To Withdraw After Submitting. Your corrected application must pass validations before NIH’s due date to be considered.

Late? With only a few exceptions, NIH does not accept late applications. Read the rules for Late Applications & Post-Submission Materials.

Onward to peer review. If your application passes validations without errors and you do not withdraw it, your application moves on for assignment and review.

Next Phase

Proceed to the Timeline for Assignment, Review, and Council.

Find other phases on the Illustrated Application and Grant Timelines page.

See NIAID’s main Timelines and Due Dates portal.


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