The NIAID Data Ecosystem Discovery Portal

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About the NIAID Data Ecosystem Discovery Portal

Users can search the NIAID Data Ecosystem Discovery Portal for infectious and immune-mediated disease (IID) data across the ecosystem of NIAID-supported data and the larger IID community. The Discovery Portal searches within NIAID-funded repositories to promote the discovery of IID resources, enhance open science, and align with findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) data practices.

The Portal does not contain data but features descriptions about each dataset and information about each dataset (metadata). The Discovery Portal provides external links that allow users to access the data directly from each repository. Several NIAID-sponsored repositories are already available in the initial release including: AccessClinicalData@NIAID, ClinEpiDB,  ImmPort, and VEuPathDB. More details about data types and data access are found in the About section on the Discovery Portal website.

Getting Started with the NIAID Data Ecosystem Discovery Portal

To search for IID data within the Discovery Portal, navigate to the Discovery Portal homepage and enter keyword(s) into the search bar. You can also search with custom queries in Advanced Search or pre-built queries for common IID searches.

With the Discovery Portal, you can:

  • Rapidly search millions of datasets across both IID and generalist repositories from the Search or Advanced Search.
  • Use filters to identify research data by metadata categories including funding source, repository, conditions of access, and more.
  • Learn more about the Discovery Portal from the About The NIAID Data Ecosystem page and read documentation in the Knowledge Center.
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