Office of Data Science and Emerging Technologies (ODSET)

The Office of Data Science and Emerging Technologies (ODSET) coordinates the development and implementation of NIAID’s data science strategy across its entire global portfolio of research and training programs. The overall goal of the office is to enable the efficient use of data and computational methods to better understand, treat, and ultimately prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases. ODSET offers a collegial, multi-disciplinary work environment at the world’s premier research institute for infectious and immune-mediated diseases that is at the forefront of scientific discovery and the global response to pandemics and emerging infectious disease threats.

ODSET provides centralized leadership and vision for the role of data science in accelerating research in top NIAID strategic areas, including research on HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, influenza, COVID-19, and many other areas of emphasis. Given the global reach of the NIAID research community, ODSET aims to advance data science for infectious and immune-mediated disease research worldwide. ODSET staff work closely with the seven NIAID intramural and extramural divisions as well as with colleagues in the NIAID Office of the Director to develop new research and training initiatives that include data science methods, approaches, and technologies.

A significant area of emphasis for ODSET is to improve the discovery, access, and use of NIAID relevant data for computational analytical methods, following the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles as a roadmap. ODSET is spearheading the development of the NIAID Data Ecosystem, which enables data discovery and access to a federated network of repositories with data relevant to infectious- and immune-mediated disease research. ODSET also works with colleagues across NIAID and the US Government to advance the use of data science methods and technologies, such as AI, for improved preparedness against emerging infectious diseases and pandemic threats.

ODSET also works with all stakeholders at NIAID and NIH to implement data sharing policies by NIH and others to make it as easy as possible to share data while safeguarding privacy of research participants and patients. ODSET provides scientific expertise in data science subdomains, such as artificial intelligence, systems modeling, informatics research, (meta)data representations and interoperability, cloud-based technologies, and data repositories, as well as their applications, to NIAID research and training programs. ODSET maintains an active community development program to foster a community of researchers, students, and professionals across academia, industry, government, and non-profit organizations to use data science methods and technologies for research on complex biomedical problems.

By way of its broad mission, ODSET supports all NIAID initiatives towards the discovery of new diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines to address some of the largest global health threats of our time.

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