Laboratory of Allergic Diseases

Pamela A. Guerrerio, M.D., Ph.D., Chief

The Laboratory of Allergic Diseases (LAD) conducts basic and clinical research on immunologic diseases with an emphasis on disorders of immediate hypersensitivity, which include the spectrum of classic allergic diseases. LAD is composed of an interactive group of Ph.D.s, M.D.s, research nurses, technicians, and administrative staff, who work in contemporary laboratories adjacent to NIAID's clinical facilities. Scientific personnel are engaged in basic and translational research aimed at understanding the genetics and pathology underlying the immune dysfunction associated with allergic inflammation.  The Laboratory of Allergic Diseases also houses the NIAID Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program.

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Research Objectives

  • Investigate the genetics associated with atopy
  • Elucidate signal transduction pathways in inflammation
  • Understand the biological manifestations of effector-cell activation in tissues.
  • Perform clinical/translational research directed at understanding the pathogenesis of allergic inflammation
  • Identify novel immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory approaches to the treatment of allergic and immunologic disorders


The Laboratory of Allergic Diseases includes the following principal investigators, staff scientists, and/or staff clinicians:

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