Office of Biodefense Research and Surety (OBRS) - Contacts

Michael Nealy, Ph.D., Acting Director, OBRS, NIAID

Gennady Platoff, Ph.D., Biodefense Research Countermeasures Branch Chief

David Yeung, Ph.D., Deputy Director, (CCRP), (NIH/NIAID), OBRS, Biodefense Research Countermeasures Branch

Jonathan Newmark, Medical Officer (C)

Chad Maynard, Management & Program Analyst

Kaci VanDalen, Health Specialist (Biorisk)

Brian Noble, Program Analyst

Connor Brown, Program Analyst

Debbie Borror-McAllister, (C) Management Analyst

Roger Laferriere, Program Analyst

Brenda Mark, Administrative Assistant (C)

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