Misrak Gezmu, Ph.D.

Mathematical Statistician, Biostatistics Research Branch

Photo of Misrak Gezmu, Ph.D.
Misrak Gezmu, Ph.D., Biostatistics Research Branch

Misrak Gezmu, Ph.D., Biostatistics Research Branch

Credit: NIAID


Dr. Gezmu is currently Program Official for Statistical Methods grants at the Division of Clinical Research (DCR), NIAID. She earned her Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics in 1996 from the Department of Statistics, American University in Washington DC. In 1993, Dr. Gezmu joined the faculty of the Decision Sciences Department, School of Business at Norfolk State University in Virginia as an assistant professor. While working at Norfolk State, she received two summer faculty fellowships (1997,1998) at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard, in Greenbelt, Maryland. The experience at NASA exposed her to the application of statistical methods on real time big satellite data sets.  In fall 1998, she joined NIAID as a program officer for HIV/AIDS statistical methods grants. In 2001, she became the Program Official for NIAID statistical methods grants in the Division of Clinical Research. In her capacity as Program Official, she assists potential grantees by informing them about the current NIAID research interest areas, about existing funding opportunities, and gives advice on next steps both for funded and non-funded grans. Dr. Gezmu is highly dedicated to increasing the biostatistical work force to address the growing demand of biostatisticians in biomedical research. Her effort of increasing biostatisticians has had positive results both Nationally and Internationally. She has a special interest in attracting new investigators to the field of biostatistics; she encourages and works closely with junior investigators in submitting their grants to NIAID.


Markovian Up-and-Down designs for dose finding strategies, Statistical computing.

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