Sally Hunsberger, Ph.D.

Mathematical Statistician, Biostatistics Research Branch

Sally Hunsberger, Ph.D. Mathematical Statistician, Biostatistics Research Branch, DCR, NIAID, NIH
Sally Hunsberger, Ph.D.

Sally Hunsberger, Ph.D.

Credit: NIAID


Dr. Hunsberger is a Biostatistician and has worked at the National Institutes of Health for over 30 years with a focus on clinical trial design and methodology and Data and Safety Monitoring Boards. She began her career at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and then moved to the National Cancer Institute, and finally arrived at the National Allergy and Infectious Disease Institute. She designs phase I, II and III clinical trials and analyses data from natural history studies. She is the executive secretary for the co-infections and complications DSMB which reviews COVID-19 treatment and HIV studies. She is the co-PI for the InVITE study, which is a multi-national study with nearly 6000 participants examining the immunologic response to COVID-19 vaccines.

Area of Interest

Design of clinical trials and statistical modeling


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