Collaborative Clinical Research Branch (CCRB)

As of June 29, 2023, the Office of Planning and Operations Support (OPOS) has merged with the Collaborative Clinical Research Branch (CCRB). In this merge, the  Collaborative Clinical Research Branch (CCRB) has two new sections: the Science Section, and the Operations and Strategy Management Management Section.

About the CCRB

  • Vision – To reduce the impact of infectious diseases globally through timely clinical research.
  • Mission – To advance clinical research in infectious diseases through government partnerships and collaborations to inform public health practices.
  • Values – Integrity; Cultural Sensitivity; Scientific Excellence; Mutual Trust and Respect; Perseverance


  1. Develop and implement collaborative clinical research to generate new knowledge and establish strong scientific foundations
  2. Optimize and maintain clinical research infrastructure to ensure readiness
  3. Support NIAID and Special Project priorities by cultivating strong relationships

Division of Clinical Research (DCR Special Projects)

CCRB Global Research Partnerships

a world map with the partnership countries highlighted in red.

NIAID global clinical research partners are with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Indonesia, Liberia, Mali, Mexico and the United States of America.

Credit: NIAID

Contact Information

For more information about CCRB, please email


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