Collaborative Clinical Research Branch (CCRB)

Clinical Research Collaborations

The Collaborative Clinical Research Branch (CCRB) facilitates high-quality clinical research in infectious diseases through active participation in selected domestic and international collaborations. Through its scientific, logistical, and operational expertise, the CCRB plays an integral role in the NIAID mission, advancement of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Global Health Agenda, and execution of special projects within NIAID key mission areas of HIV/AIDS, biodefense, and infectious and immunologic diseases.


The CCRB actively supports and complements NIAID intramural and extramural programs by developing the research capacity of domestic and international clinical research networks and researchers, as well as equipping research partners with the abilities to compete for funding grants. The CCRB leverages existing partnerships wherever possible in setting up clinical research networks and infrastructures. Specifically, CCRB does the following:

  • Develops networks and partnerships to facilitate the collaborative conduct of clinical/basic research
  • Provides leadership through a shared governance model to develop successful collaborations between researchers and public/private entities
  • Provides scientific expertise and clinical research resources (human/equipment) to selected projects and programs
  • Identifies and recommends collaborative research opportunities that will enhance the projects and enable long-term sustainability

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