Biomedical Research After-School Scholars (BRASS) at Rocky Mountain Labs

BRASS is a program developed by National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists as an effort to communicate with middle school students about the nature of scientific research conducted at a biomedical research facility.

Program Goals

  • Encourage participation by a broad range of students, particularly minorities, females, as well as economically disadvantaged and at-risk students
  • Stimulate interest in biomedical and life sciences
  • Provide scientist role models with whom students can identify
  • Promote scientific literacy among students
  • Encourage students to seek careers in science

The program consists of five lab sessions covering hematology, genetics, cancer, infectious diseases, and animal research. Each two-hour session is designed to be highly interactive, with scientists providing background on the topic, followed by several hands-on experiments designed to increase the student's understanding of the topic using the scientific method. The program concludes with a commencement ceremony featuring a scientist as the guest speaker and laboratory demonstrations conducted by students for their parents and interested public.

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