GMP Assignments by Geographic Region and Program Code

The NIAID Grants Management Program (GMP) bases assignments for grants management specialists on a grant's geographic origin, program code, and in a few cases, grant types.

Using the table below, you can determine the grants management specialist assigned to a grant by viewing a map, which includes associated program class codes.

If you don't know which program corresponds to a program code, go to Contacting Program Officers and Grants Management Specialists to find the appropriate division.

Location Map
AK Region A Map
Africa Region D Map
AL Region C Map
AR Region B Map
Asia Region B Map and Region C Map
Australia Region D Map
AZ Region A Map
CA Region A Map
Caribbean Region B Map
CO Region A Map
CT Region E Map
DC Region C Map
DE Region D Map
Europe Region C Map
FL Region C Map
GA Region C Map
HI Region A Map
IA Region A Map
ID Region B Map
IL Region D Map
IN Region D Map
KS Region B Map
KY Region D Map
LA Region C Map
MA Region E Map
MD Region C Map
ME Region E Map
MI Region D Map
MN Region B Map
MO Region B Map
MS Region C Map
MT Region B Map
NC Region C Map
ND Region B Map
NE Region A Map
NH Region E Map
NJ Region D Map
NM Region A Map
NV Region A Map
NY Region D Map
OH Region D Map
OK Region B Map
OR Region A Map
PA Region E Map
Puerto Rico Region E Map
RI Region E Map
SC Region C Map
SD Region B Map
South Africa Region E Map
South America Region A Map
TN Region B Map
TX Region B Map
United Kingdom Region C Map
UT Region A Map
VA Region C Map
VT Region E Map
WA Region B Map
WI Region B Map
WV Region E Map
WY Region B Map
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