Immunologists and Immunology Interest Group Members

Immunologists at the NIH

NIH Intramural Research Program manages a list of intramural immunologists.Gress, Ronald E., M.D.

Immunology Interest Group Members

The IIG committee has created an expanded the list of immunologists at NIH and included IIG member immunologists from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Members at the National Institutes of Health

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N/A indicates information not available



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Afzali, Behdad (Ben)NIDDKautoimmunity, clinical and human immunology, cytokine biologyyes
Akkoyunlu, Mustafa, M.D., Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OVRRimmunotherapy and vaccinesno
Altan-Bonnet, Grégoire, Ph.D.NCIsystems biology, computational modeling, biological physics, machine learning, automation/roboticsno
Altan-Bonnet, Nihal, Ph.D.NHLBIhost-pathogen dynamicsno
Anderson, Stephen K., Ph.D.NCImolecular geneticsno
Annunziata, Christina M., M.D., Ph.DNCIovarian canceryes
Ashwell, Jonathan D., M.D.NCIimmune system development, immune cell signalingno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Balow, James Edward, M.D.NIDDKclinical research, immunology 
Barber, Daniel, Ph.D.NIAIDT-cell responses to chronic microbial infectionsno
Barchi, Joseph J., Jr., Ph.D.NCIsynthetic organic chemistryno
Barillas-Mury, Carolina, M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDmosquito immunity  
Barry, Clifton, Ph.D.NIAIDtuberculosis drug discoveryno
Belkaid, Yasmine, Ph.D.NIAIDmicrobiotano
Bell, Douglas, Ph.D.NIEHSenvironmental epigenomicsno
Berger, Edward Alan, Ph.D.NIAIDHIV researchno
Berzofsky, Jay A., M.D., Ph.D.NCIclinical and human immunology, immunotherapy and vaccines, mucosal immunity, tumor immunology, antigen recognitionyes
Best, Sonja, Ph.D.NIAIDinfectious disease and host response, innate immunity and inflammation, molecular and structural immunologyno
Bhandoola, Avinash, Ph.D.NCIimmune system developmentno
Bielekova, Bibiana, M.D.NINDSneuroimmunologyyes
Biragyn, Arya, Ph.D.NIAimmune dysregulation in aging-related diseases, immunotherapy and vaccines, tumor immunologyno
Birnbaumer, Lutz, Ph.D.NIEHSsignal transductionno
Blackshear, Perry J., M.D., D.Phil.NIEHSpost-transcriptional gene expressionN/A
Bolland, Silvia M., Ph.D.NIAIDimmune inhibitory pathways no
Bonsignori, Mattia, M.D.NIAIDB cell immunology, infectious diseases and host response, immunogeneticsno
Boritz, Eli, M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDmechanisms of HIV persistence in vivoN/A
Bosio, Catharine, Ph.D., B.Sc.NIAIDimmunometabolism, infectious disease and host response, innate immunity and inflammation, mucosal immunologyno
Bosselut, Remy, M.D., Ph.D.NCIimmune system development, antigen recognition and responses, systems immunologyno
Braylan, Raul C., M.D.NIH Clinical Centerpathobiology of hematologic malignanciesN/A
Brenchley, Jason M., M.A., Ph.D.NIAIDimmunopathogenesis in nonhuman primate models of HIVno
Buck, Christopher B., Ph.D.NCIpolyomavirus, papillomavirus, microbiomeno
Bugge, Thomas, Ph.D.NIDCRmechanisms of development and stem cell fateno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Caldwell, Harlan, Ph.D.NIAIDchlamydiano
Calvo, Eric, Ph.D.NIAIDfunctional salivary transcriptomics and proteomicsno
Carlson, Paul, Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OVRRimmunotherapy and vaccinesno
Carrington, Mary N., Ph.D.NCIimmunogeneticsno
Casellas, Rafael Cristian, Ph.D.NIAMStranscriptional regulation no
Caspi, Rachel R., Ph.D.NEIautoimmunity, innate immunity and inflammation, mucosal immunology, neuroimmunologyno
Cheloha, Ross William, Ph.D.NIDDKchemical biologyno
Chen, Wanjun, M.D.NIDCRmechanisms of immune toleranceN/A
Chesebro, Bruce W., M.D.NIAIDprion diseases, retroviral brain diseasesN/A
Childs, Richard, M.D.NHLBIallogeneic stem cell transplantation, tumor immunologyyes
Chou, Janice J., Ph.D.NICHDcellular differentiationno
Choyke, Peter L., M.D., F.A.C.R.NCIprostate canceryes
Chun, Tae-Wook, Ph.D.NIAIDimmunotherapy and vaccines, infectious disease and host responseno
Chung, Jay H., Ph.D., M.D.NHLBImetabolic (mitochondrial) dysfunctionN/A
Cidlowski, John A., Ph.D.NIEHSglucocorticoid receptors, regulation of apoptosis in normal and neoplastic cellsno
Citrin, Deborah E., M.D.NCIprostate cancer, brachytherapy, radiation therapy 
Cohen, Ethan, Ph.D.FDAimmune cells and their relation to medical implants, toxicology, neuroimmunologyno
Cohen, Jeffrey, M.D.NIAIDimmunotherapy and vaccines, infectious diseases and host responseyes
Colbert, Robert, M.D., Ph.D.NIAMSspondyloarthritisN/A
Coleman, C. Norman, M.D.NCIradiation oncologyN/A
Compton, Alex, Ph.D.NCIinfectious disease and host response, innate immunity and inflammationno
Connors, Mark, M.D.NIAIDcellular immune repsonse to HIVN/A
Cook, Donald, Ph.D.NIEHSallergy and other hypersensitivitiesno
Cowen, Edward W., M.D., M.H.ScNIAMSchronic graft-versus-host disease (GVHD)N/A
Crompton, Peter D., M.D., M.P.H.NIAIDmalaria and P. falciparum infectionyes
Crouch, Robert J., Ph.D.NICHDformation of RNAno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Danner, Robert L., Jr., M.D.NIH Clinical Centerinfectious diseasesN/A
DeLeo, Frank R., Ph.D.NIAIDneutrophil biology and function, evasion of innate immunity by bacterial pathogensno
Douek, Daniel, M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDTCR and Ig sequencingno
Druey, Kirk M., M.D.NIAIDsystemic capillary leak syndromeyes
Duffy, Patrick Emmet, M.D.NIAIDmalariaN/A
Durum, Scott K., Ph.D.NCIinterleukin-7, leukemogenesisno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Eichelberger, Maryna, Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OVRRinfluenzano
Egwuagu, Charles E., Ph.D., M.P.HNEImolecular immunologyno
Elkins, Karen, Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OVRRinfectious disease immunologyno
Engels, Eric A., M.D., M.P.HNCIimmunosuppression and infection in canceryes
Epstein, Suzanne, Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OTATinfectious disease and host response, immunotherapy and vaccines, mucosal immunologyno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Farber, Joshua, M.D.NIAIDchemokines and their receptors, autoimmune/inflammatory disease, cancerN/A
Farci, Patrizia, M.D.NIAIDchronic viral hepatitus, hepatocellular carcinomaN/A
Felber, Barbara K., Ph.D.NCIHIV, retrovirus protein, gene regulation and immunology, DNA vaccineno
Fessler, Michael B., M.D.NIEHSinnate immunity and inflammation, mucosal immunology, immunometabolismyes
FitzGerald, David J., Ph.D.NCIantibodies, toxins, cancer therapeutics, cell biology, immunotoxinsno
Fitzhugh, Courtney, M.D.NHLBIsickle cell diseaseN/A
Fowlkes, B.J., Ph.D.NIAIDT cell developmentno
Fox, Julie, Ph.D.NIAIDinfectious disease and host responseno
Franchini, Genoveffa, M.D.NCImolecular retrovirologyN/A
Franco, Luis M., M.D.NIAMSimmunogenetics, clinical immunology, glucocorticoid-mediated immunoregulationyes
Frank, Joseph A., M.D.NIH Clinical Centerimmune effects of therapeutic ultrasound on the tissue microenvironmentN/A
Fraser, Iain D.C., Ph.D.NIAIDinnate immunity and inflammationno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Gallin, John I., M.D.NIAIDinborn diseases of phagocytic blood cellsyes
Gao, Bin, M.D., Ph.D.NIAAAimmunological aspects of fatty liver diseasesN/A
Gearhart, Patricia J., Ph.D.NIAantigen recognition and responsesno
Gellert, Martin, Ph.D.NIDDKchromosome biology, immunologyno
Germain, Ronald N., M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDantigen recognition and response, systems immunologyno
Gery, Igal B., Ph.D.NEIocular inflammationno
Gilbert, Mark R., M.D.NCIneuro-oncologyyes
Gildersleeve, Jeffrey C., Ph.D.NCIglycan array technologyno
Goldbach-Mansky, Raphaela T., M.D., M.H.S.NIAIDautoinflammatory diseasesyes
Golding, Hana, Ph.D.CBER/FDAvaccinesno
Goldszmid, Romina, Ph.D.NCImononuclear phagocytes, inflammation, tumor immunologyno
Gourh, Pravitt, M.D.NIAMSgenetic risk factors involved in scleroderma pathogenesisN/A
Grayson, Peter, M.D., M.Sc.NIAMSclinical and translational research across many forms of systemic vasculitisN/A
Greten, Tim F., M.D.NCItumor immunology, immunotherapy and vaccines, innate immunity and inflammationno
Grigg, Michael, Ph.D.NIAIDprotozoan parasitesno
Guerrerio, Pamela A., M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDallergy and other hypersensitivitiesyes
Gulley, James L., M.D., Ph.D.NCIcancer immunotherapyyes



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Haigh, CathrynNIAIDprion diseasesno
Hallenbeck, John M., M.D.NINDSstroke prevention and treatmentN/A
Hammer, John, Ph.D.NHLBImotor proteins and cytoskeletal protein dynamicsno
Harris, Audray K., Ph.D.NIAIDmolecular architecture and assembly of virusesno
Harvey, Brandon, Ph.D.NIDAcellular mechanisms of neuronal dysfunctionno
Hasenkrug, Kim, Ph.D.NIAIDchronic retroviral infectionsno
Hassan, Raffit, M.D.NCImesothelioma, immunotoxinsyes
Henderson, David K., M.D.NCItransmission of bloodborne pathogensN/A
Herkenham, Miles, Ph.D.NIMHnervous system regulatory eventsno
Hickman, Heather, Ph.D.NIAIDantiviral immune responsesno
Ho, Mitchell, Ph.D.NCIimmunotherapy and vaccinesno
Hodes, Richard J., M.D.NCIthymus developmentN/A
Hodge, James W., Ph.D., MBANCIcancer immunotherapyno
Holland, Steven, M.D.NIAIDclinical and human immunology, infectious disease and host responseyes
Hong, Jau-Shyong, Ph.D.NIEHSpathogenesis of Parkinson’s diseaseno
Hourigan, Christopher S., M.D., D.Phil.NHLBIacute myeloid leukemia (AML) N/A
Hu, Yinling, Ph.D.NCIIKKα, tumorigenesis, inflammationno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Ishii, Kazusa, M.D., M.P.H.NCIcancer immunotherapyN/A
Iyer, Aravind, Ph.D.NLM/NCBIevolutionary classification of proteinsno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Jacobson, Steven, Ph.D.NINDSHTLV-I-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP)yes
Jaffe, Elaine S., M.D.NCIlymphoma, EBV, lymphoproliferative diseaseN/A
Jetten, Anton M., Ph.D.NIEHSnuclear protein physiologyno
Jiang, Peng, Ph.D.NCIcancer genomics, cancer immunotherapyno
Jin, Tian, Ph.D., B.S.NIAIDchemotaxis of immune and cancer cells no
Jones, Jennifer Clare, M.D., Ph.D.NCItumor immunologyN/A



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Kanakry, Christopher G., M.D.NCIallogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantationyes
Kanakry, Jennifer A., M.D.NCIallogeneic blood or marrow transplantationyes
Kanekiyo, MasaruNIAIDimmunotherapy and vaccines, molecular and structural immunology, infectious disease and host response 
Kanthi, YogenNHLBIinnate immunity and inflammation, autoimmunity, thrombosis, vascular biologyyes
Kaplan, Mariana J., M.D.NIAMSautoimmunityyes
Kaplan, Rosandra N., M.D.NCImetastasis, stem cell niche biologyyes
Kastner, Dan, M.D., Ph.D.NHGRIinflammatory diseasesN/A
Kearney, Mary F., Ph.D.NCIviral persistence, viral evolution and geneticsno
Kehrl, John H., M.D.NIAIDlymphocyte trafficking, autophagy and inflammasomesN/A
Kelsall, Brian L., M.D., B.A.NIAIDantigen presentation, IL-12N/A
Kemper, Claudia, Ph.D.NHLBIinnate immunity, inflammation and immunometabolismno
KewalRamani, Vineet N., Ph.D.NCIvirus-host interactions, cofactors in HIV infection no
Khan, Javed, M.D.NCIoncogenomicsno
Kim, Hanna, M.D., M.S.NIAMSjuvenile dermatomyositisN/A
Klemen, Nicholas D., M.D.NCIcancer immunotherapyyes
Klion, Amy D., M.D.NIAIDinfectious diseaseyes
Kobayashi, Hisataka, M.D., Ph.D.NCImolecular imaging, photo-immunotherapyno
Kochenderfer, James N., M.D.NCIchimeric antigen receptors, T-cell immunologyyes
Kopp, Jeffrey, M.D.NIDDKinnate immunity and inflammationN/A
Koshiol, Jill, Ph.D..NCIhepatobiliary cancersno
Koup, Richard A., M.D., B.S.NIAIDinfectious diseaseN/A
Kovac, Paul, Ph.D., Dr. h.c.NIDDKchemical biology, immunology no
Kovacs, Joseph A., M.D.NIH Clinical Centertreatment and prevention of HIV infectionN/A
Kreimer, Aimée R., Ph.D.NCIHPV vaccines and infectionno
Kreitman, Robert J., M.D.NCIhairy cell leukemia, immunotoxinsyes
Krug, Laurie T., Ph.D.NCIinfectious disease and host responseno
Kumar, Sanjai, Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OBRRmalaria and babesiosisno
Kwon-Chung, June, Ph.D.NIAIDCryptococcus neoformans and Aspergillus fumigatusno
Kwong, Peter D., Ph.D.NIAIDserum analysis, structural bioinformaticsno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Lacsina, Joshua R., M.D. Ph.D.NIAIDsystems immunology, infectious disease and host response, clinical and human immunologyyes
Lane, Clifford, M.D.NIAIDHIV/AIDSN/A
Langevin, Helene, M.D.NIDCRmechanisms of development and stem cell fateN/A
Lazarevic, Vanja, Ph.D.NCIautoimmunity, neuroimmunologyno
Lea, Susan M., D.Phil., F.Med.Sci.NCIstructural biology, bacterial pathogenesisno
Ledgerwood, Julie E., D.O.NIAIDvaccine process design and developmentno
Lee, Jung-Min, M.D.NCIovarian cancer, triple negative breast canceryes
Lenardo, Michael J., M.D.NIAIDimmunogenetics, clinical and human immunologyno
Leonard, Warren J., M.D.NHLBIcytokine biologyN/A
Leto, Thomas L., Ph.D.NIAIDreactive oxygen-dependent innate immune mechanismsno
Levine, Rodney L., Ph.D., M.D.NHLBIidentification of oxidative modifications of proteinsno
Levine, Stewart J., M.D.NHLBIasthmayes
Lewandowski, Laura B., M.S., M.D.NIAMSsystemic lupus erythematosusN/A
Liang, T. Jake, M.D.NIDDKvirology, cancer biologyN/A
Lionakis, Michail, M.D., Sc.D.NIAIDcandidiasis and aspergillosisyes
Liu, Zheng-Gang, Ph.D.NCIinflammation, apoptosis, necroptosisno
Liu, Zhiwei, Ph.D.NCIcancers caused by EBV and HBVno
Loke, P'ng, Ph.D.NIAIDhelminth infectionsno
London, Stephanie, M.D., Dr.P.H.NIEHSallergies 
Long, Carole, Ph.D.NIAIDmalariano
Long, Eric O., Ph.D.NIAIDNK cellsno
Love, Paul E., M.D., Ph.D.NICHDimmune system development, tumor immunologyno
Lusso, Paolo, M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDviral receptors and coreceptorsN/A
Lyons, Jonathan Joseph, M.D.NIAIDsevere allergic inflammation and reactionsyes



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Madan, Ravi A., M.D.NCIprostate cancer, immunotherapyyes
Mage, Rose, PhDNIAIDthe rabbit as animal model for studies of human diseasesno
Malech, Harry Lewis, M.D.NIAIDhematopoietic stem cellsyes
Mammen, Andrew, M.D., Ph.D.NIAMSautoimmune myopathy, myositis autoantigensN/A
Maraia, Richard J., M.D.NICHDmetabolism of RNAsN/A
Marcotrigiano, JosephNIAIDRNA virusesno
Margolis, Leonid, Ph.D.NICHDcell-cell interactions in the context of human tissues in norm and pathologyno
Margulies, David Harvey, M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDMHC molecules, NK cell receptors, T cell receptorsN/A
Martin, Malcolm A., M.D.NIAIDprimate and murine retroviral biologyN/A
Masur, Henry, M.D.NIH Clinical CenterHIVN/A
Matzinger, Polly, Ph.D.NIAIDdanger model of immunity, immune tolerance and activationno
Mayer, Christian T., Ph.D.NCIimmune system development, antigen recognition and responses, autoimmunityno
Mayer-Barber, Katrin, Dr. rer. nat.NIAIDmucosal immunology, innate immunity and inflammation, infectious disease and host responseno
Mays, Jacqueline W., DDS, MHSc, PhDNIDCRclinical and human immunology, mucosal immunology, transplantationyes
Mazor, Ronit, Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OTATantigen recognition and responsesno
Mbulaiteye, Sam M., M.D.NCIetiology of Burkitt lymphomaN/A
McGavern, Dorian, Ph.D.NINDSneuroimmunologyno
McGuire, Peter, M.S., M.B.B.Ch.NHGRImetabolism and the immune systemno
McVicar, Daniel W., Ph.D.NCIimmunometabolism, receptor biology, intracellular signalingno
Mehta, Nehal N., M.D., M.S.C.E., F.A.H.A.NHLBIrole of innate immunity and inflammation in the development of cardiovascular and metabolic diseasesN/A
Meier-Schellersheim, Martin, Ph.D.NIAIDintra- and intercellular signaling processes and cellular behaviorno
Mendola, Pauline, Ph.D.NICHD  
Merlino, Glenn, Ph.D.NCImelanomano
Metcalfe, Dean D., M.D., M.S.NIAIDmutations and polymorphisms in human disease that affect the mast cell compartmentN/A
Mezey, Eva, M.D., Ph.D.NIDCRbiology of bone marrow stromal cellsN/A
Miller, Frederick W., M.D., Ph.D.NIEHSmechanisms for the development of autoimmune diseasesno
Moir, Susan, Ph.D.NIAIDcontribution of B cells to HIV pathogenesisno
Moss, Bernard, M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDinfectious disease and host response, immunotherapy and vaccinesno
Moutsopoulos, Niki, D.D.S., Ph.D.NIDCRoral-barrier immunityN/A
Mukherjee, Anil Baran, M.D.,Ph.D.NICHDneurodegenerative lysosomal storage disordersN/A
Muljo, Stefan Adi, Ph.D.NIAIDimmune system development, systems immunology, transplantationno
Munford, Robert, M.D.NIAIDhow human cells regulate the production of acyloxyacyl hydrolase (AOAH), the LPS-inactivating enzymeno
Muppidi, Jagan, M.D., Ph.D.NCIgerminal center B cells, lymphoma pathogenesisN/A
Murphy, Philip M., A.B., M.D.NIAIDclinical and human immunology, cytokine biology, infectious disease and host responseyes



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Nagao, Keisuke (Chris), M.D., Ph.D.NIAMSskin immunology, inflammatory skin diseases, primary immunodeficiencies, drug hypersensitivitiesN/A
Nduom, Edjah, M.D.NINDSneuroimmunologyyes
Nellan, Anandani, M.D., M.P.H.NCIpediatric oncology, neuro-oncology, immunotherapy, ependymoma, atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (ATRT)N/A
Nguyen, Rosa, M.D., Ph.D.NCIcytokine biology, immunotherapy and vaccinesN/A
Nita-Lazar, Aleksandra, Ph.D.NIAIDinfectious disease and host response, innate immunity and inflammation, systems immunologyno
Noguchi, Constance Tom, Ph.D.NIDDKcell biology, immunology, molecular biology and biochemistry  
Notarangelo, Luigi (Gigi)NIAIDhuman T cell development  
Nussenzweig, Andre, Ph.D.NCIgenomic Instability, DNA damage/repair, breast/ovarian cancers, adult/pediatric leukemiasno
Nutman, Thomas, M.D.NIAIDimmune response to parasitic helminth infectionyes



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Oberdoerffer, Shalini, Ph.D.NCIalternative pre-mRNA splicing, epigenetics, epitranscriptomeno
O'Brien, Thomas R., M.D., M.P.H.NCIcancer causing virusesN/A
O'Shea, John J., M.D.NIAMScell biology, chromosome biology, computational biology, genetics and genomics, immunologyN/A
Olivier, Kenneth N., M.D., M.P.H.NHLBIbronchiectasisyes
Ombrello, Michael, M.D.NIAMSadult and pediatric rheumatologyN/A
Ozato, Keiko, Ph.D.NICHDmolecular genetics of immunityno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Pacak, Karel, Ph.D.,D.Sc.,M.D.NICHDpheochromocytoma and paragangliomayes
Pacher, Pal, M.D., Ph.D.NIAAAcell biology, genetics and genomics, immunology N/A
Pai, Sung-Yun, M.D.NCIclinical and human immunology, immune system development, transplantationyes
Palena, Claudia M., Ph.D.NCItumor immunology, cancer immunotherapyno
Park, Jung-Hyun, Ph.D.NCIcytokine receptor expression, cytokine signaling, T cell development, T cell differentiation, thymus, inflammationno
Pastan, Ira, M.D.NCIprotein and antibody engineering, immunotoxins, mesothelin, immunotherapyN/A
Pavlakis, George N., M.D., Ph.D.NCIHIV-1/AIDS, vaccines, cytokines, cancer immunotherapyN/A
Pavletic, Steven Z., M.D., M.S.NCIchronic graft versus host disease, hematologic malignancies, myelodysplastic syndromes, acute myelogenous leukemiayes
Peterson, Karin E., Ph.D.NIAIDneuroimmunologyno
Pierce, Susan Keen, Ph.D.NIAIDB-cell-receptor signaling, generation and maintenance of immunological memory in malariano
Pierson, Theodore, Ph.D.,NIAIDarbovirusno
Proia, Richard L., Ph.D.NIDDKcell biology, genetics and genomics, immunologyno
Prokunina-Olsson, Ludmila, Ph.D.NCIcancer immunology 



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Quinn, Thomas C., M.D., M.Sc.NIAIDinfectious diseasesN/A



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Rabin, Ron, M.D.FDA/CBER/OVRRimmunotherapy for allergy and allergic asthmaN/A
Rabkin, Charles S., M.D.NCIgastric cancer and non-Hodgkins lymphomaN/A
Rajan, Arun, M.D.NCIlung cancer, thymic malignanciesyes
Ramaswami, Ramya, M.B.B.S., M.P.H.NCIHIV associated malignancyyes
Rehermann, Barbara, M.D.NIDDKviral hepatitisN/A
Reich, Daniel S., M.D., Ph.D.NINDSpathobiology of multiple sclerosis 
Rice, Kenner C., Ph.D.NIDAstructure and function of neurotransmitter systems in the mammalian central nervous systemno
Roberts, David D., Ph.D.NCItumor immunology, immunotherapy, molecular immunologyno
Roche, Paul A., Ph.D.NCIantigen presentationno
Roederer, Mario, Ph.D.NIAIDantigen-specific lymphocyte function and differentiationno
Romero, Roberto J., M.D.NICHDperinatologyN/A
Roper, Nitin, M.D., M.Sc.NCINotch signaling, immunotherapyN/A
Rosenberg, Steven A., M.D., Ph.D.NCIcancer immunotherapyyes
Rosenzweig, Sergio, M.D., Ph.D.NIH Clinical Centerclinical immunologyyes
Rudloff, Udo, M.D., Ph.D.NCIinnate cancer immunityyes



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Sack, Michael N., M.D., Ph.D.NHLBIclinical and human immunology, immunometabolismN/A
Sacks, David, Ph.D.NIAIDleishmaniasisno
Sadtler, Kaitlyn, Ph.D.NIBIBimmunoengineeringno
Sahinalp, S. Cenk, Ph.D.NCIdeveloping algorithmic methods for high-throughput cancer sequencing datano
Saloura, Vassiliki, M.D. Ph.D.NCIhistone epigenetics, tumor immunologyyes
Samelson, Lawrence E., M.D.NCIantigen recognition and responses, lymphocyte activation, molecular and structural immunologyno
Sauna, Zuben E., Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OTATimmunogenicity of protein-based therapeuticsno
Schiller, John T., Ph.D.NCIpapillomavirusesno
Schlom, Jeffrey, Ph.D.NCIcancer immunotherapyno
Schuck, Peter W., Ph.D.NIBIBprotein interactions and the assembly of multi-protein complexesno
Scott, Dorothy, M.D.FDA/CBER/OTATimmunoglobulin products and alpha-1 proteinase inhibitorN/A
Schwartzberg, Pamela L., M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDimmunogenetics, infectious disease and host responseN/A
Seder, Robert Alan, M.D.NIAIDvaccines against HIV, malaria, TB, SARS-CoV-2, and cancerN/A
Segre, Julie, Ph.D.NHGRImicrobial genomicsno
Sen, Ranjan, Ph.D.NIAmolecular mechanisms of processes that contribute to age-associated changes in physiologyno
Sereti, Irini, M.D.NIAIDpathogenesis of HIV infectionyes
Shah, Nirali N., M.D., M.H.Sc.NCIchimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy for pediatric leukemiayes
Sharan, Shyam K., Ph.D.NCIbreast cancerno
Shears, Stephen B., Ph.D.NIEHSinositol signalingno
Sher, Alan, Ph.D.NIAIDhost resistance and immune regulation in parasitic and mycobacterial infectionno
Shevach, Ethan Menahem, M.D.NIAIDautoimmunity, antigen recognition and responseno
Shih, Han-Yu, Ph.D.NEIneuroimmunologyno
Singer, Alfred, M.D.NCIT cell developmentno
Singer, Dinah S., Ph.D.NCImolecular mechanisms that regulate MHC class I transcription no
Singleton, Andrew B., Ph.D.NIAAlzheimer’s and related dementiasno
Srinivasan, Ramaprasad, M.D., Ph.D.NCIkidney canceryes
Star, Robert A., M.D.NIDDKmolecular pharmacologyN/A
Starrett, Gabriel J., Ph.D.NCIpolyomavirus and papillomavirusno
Staudt, Louis M., M.D., Ph.D.NCIlymphoma, multiple myelomaN/A
Steele-Mortimer, Olivia Ann, Ph.D.NIAIDSalmonella Typhimuriumno
Strober, Warren, M.D.NIAIDmucosal immunity, mucosal inflammation, inflammatory bowel diseaseN/A
Stroncek, David F., M.D.NIH Clinical Centertransfusion medicineN/A
Su, Helen C., M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDmolecular mechanisms of new inherited human immunological diseasesyes
Su, Xin-zhuan, Ph.D.NIAIDPlasmodium genetics and genomicsno
Sun, Peter D., Ph.D.NIAIDHIV pathogenesis and infection-induced viral releaseno
Sung, Myong-HeeNIAsystems immunology, quantitative live cell microscopy, epigenomic analyses, inflammation, agingno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Takahama, Yousuke, Ph.D.NCIthymus biology, thymic epithelial cells, immune system developmentno
Tan, Joshua, Ph.D.NIAIDbiology of antibody response to Plasmodium falciparumno
Taubenberger, Jeffery K., M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDinfluenzaN/A
Taylor, Naomi, M.D., Ph.D.NCIcancer immunologyN/A
Terabe, Masaki, Ph.D.NCIimmunotherapy and vaccinesno
Thiele, Carol J., Ph.D.NCIpediatric tumorsno
Thomas, Anish, MBBS, M.D.NCIcancer immunotherapyyes
Tisdale, John F., M.D.NHLBIsickle cell diseaseN/A
Tolnay, Mate, Ph.D.FDA/CDER/OBPmucosal immunology, human immunology, B cell immunologyno
Torabi-Parizi, Parizad, M.D.NIH Clinical Centermechanisms of lung injury secondary to pulmonary infectionyes
Tosato, Giovanna, M.D.NCIcytokine biology, infectious disease and host response, tumor immunology, innate immunity and inflammationN/A
Trinchieri, Giorgio, M.D.NCIinflammation, microbiota, carcinogenesis, cytokines, interleukin-12, interferonsN/A
Tsang, John, Ph.D.NIAIDsystems and quantitative immunologyno
Tussiwand, Roxane, Ph.D.NIDCRtranscription factor modulation of lineage differentiation and function of immune subsetsno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Valenzuela, Jesus G., Ph.D.NIAIDparasite infectionno
Verthelyi, Daniela, M.D. Ph.DFDA/CDER/OBPinnate immunity, neuroimmunology, infectious diseaseno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Wade, Paul A., Ph.D.NIEHSeukaryotic transcriptional regulationno
Walker, Keenan, Ph.D.NIAabnormal immune function and inflammation in Alzheimer's diseaseno
Wang, Xin Wei, Ph.D.NCIfunctional cancer genomicsno
Warner, Blake, DDS, Ph.D., MPHNIDCRsalivary disordersno
Waterman, Clare M., Ph.D.NHLBIcell and tissue morphodynamicsno
Weissman, Allan M., M.D.NCIubiquitinationN/A
Weinberg, Wendy, Ph.D.FDA/CDER/OPQcancer biology, squamous cancer pathogenesisno
Weng, Nan-Ping Peter, M.D., Ph.D.NIAage-associated changes in the adaptive immune systemN/A
Widemann, Brigitte C., M.D.NCIpediatric drug developmentyes
Wiestner, Adrian, M.D., Ph.D.NHLBIantigen recognition and responses, tumor immunology, immunotherapy and vaccinesyes
Williamson, Peter, M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDpathophysiology and treatment of neuroinflammatory syndromes in refractory fungal infectionsN/A
Wingfield, Paul, Ph.D.NIAMSprotein expressionno
Wink, David A., Jr., Ph.D.NCIinflammation and cancerno
Wlodawer, Alexander, Ph.D.NCIprotein crystallographyno
Wolf, Matthew T., Ph.D.NCIbiomaterials, cancer immunologyno
Wood, Bradford, M.D.NIH Clinical Centerinterventional radiologyyes
Wu, Chuan, M.D., Ph.D.NCI/EIBT cell differentiation and functionno
Wu, Wen Jin, M.D., Ph.D.FDA/CDER/OBPmolecular oncologyN/A



Name and link to websiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Xie, Changqing, M.D., Ph.D.NCIgastrointestinal (GI) malignancyN/A



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Yang, James C., M.D.NCIcancer immunotherapyyes
Yang, Li, Ph.D.NCItumor immunology, immunotherapy, immunogenetics, innate immunity and inflammationno
Yang, Wei, Ph.D.NIDDKcancer biologyno
Yarchoan, Robert, M.D.NCIHIV-associated malignanciesyes
Ye, Zhaohui, Ph.D.FDA/CBER/OTATtherapeutic approaches based on genome editing and stem cell technologiesno
Yewdell, Jonathan Wilson, M.D., Ph.D.NIAIDviral immunologyno
Yoo, Euna, Ph.D.NCIchemical immunologyno
Young, Howard A., Ph.D.NCIcytokine biology, autoimmunityno



Name and Link to WebsiteInstituteAreas of interest/expertiseClinical responsibilities
Zhang, Pei, M.D.FDA/CBER/OTATneutralizing antibodiesN/A
Zeldin, Darryl C., M.D.NIEHSrespiratory and cardiovascular diseasesN/A
Zhao, Chen, M.D.NCItumor immunologyN/A
Zhao, Keji, Ph.D.NHLBIepigenome biologyno
Zhu, Jinfang, Ph.D.NIAIDdiversity and plasticity of T helper subsetsno
Zoon, Kathryn Christine, Ph.D., B.S.NIAIDcytokine biologyno
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